All Purpose Scouring Pad AS-0414_8

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  1. Tough Mesh Surface Is Great for Dealing with Tough Cleaning Job.
  2. Non-scratch, rust free and long lasting.
  3. Remove oil, dirt and smudges.
  4. For everyday kitchen cleaning.
  5. High Durability.

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Product Description

  • Removes dirt effectively :The main purpose of a sponge is to clean dirt and remove debris from your dishes. This sponge can clean caked on food from dishes, pans, and utensils. But it can also be used to scrub stovetops, barbeque grills, kitchen tiles, etc. It can also be used for car washing, bathroom utilities scrubbing, cleaning refrigerators and to remove soap. Our sponge will make your daily cleaning tasks a whole lot easier and you will not have to worry about dirt staying on the place
  • Durable :Our sponge is very durable, and its life is very long. You can clean almost anything with it without destroying it. It provides a powerful scrub to clean the surface of any item in a single sweep. This will ensure that you do not have to buy a sponge again and again. Our sponge will work with you for a very long time and hence, buying one time will get you through a long time. It can endure a lot of pressure, without caving in.
  • NO Scratch: Although our sponge provides a powerful scrub, it does not leave a scratch on the surface. The material of the scrub is soft and made so that it could be used on any surface. For sensitive surfaces, you do not have to buy a separate sponge. This one will do just fine, without destroying the surface even a speck. Being made of soft material, however, does not mean it cannot handle tough surfaces. It can clean them both alike without an issue.
  • Product dimension: NiceGo dish wash sponge is available to you in a pack of 12. Dimensions of a single sponge are 13 x 9x 1.7 cm inches.
  • Easy cleaning and drying The sponge itself is easily cleanable and then dries up in a matter of minutes. To clean the sponge, just pour whatever cleaning detergent you are using and rub it onto itself. After rubbing it thoroughly, just go through with the water and let it air dry. It will be good as new.
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